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Wednesday 7th July 2010 11:16:22 PM

Diet phentermine pill then odd side-effects associated with defects of the heart valves started to appear.

Sunday 13th June 2010 04:04:05 AM

Clearly, these caveats dictate that the new pills aren't for everyone.

Monday 5th July 2010 08:53:31 PM

The Russians told Customs officers that they had bought the pills - which included the weight loss drug phentermine and the diet phentermine pill tranquillizer diazepam - for a total of USD30,000 from two local companies that advertised on the Internet.

Wednesday 30th June 2010 03:14:45 AM

The two Oklahoma cases seek damages for those who have already suffered heart valve damage.

Thursday 1st July 2010 06:10:44 AM

Manufacturer Wyeth-Ayerst, currently defending a number of lawsuits, contends it has simply followed the nod of the FDA, which approved Diet phentermine pill pondimin in 1973 and Redux in 1996.

Tuesday 6th July 2010 05:28:06 AM

Moreover, Hitzig contends that lawyers' rush to grab up claimants involves a kind of dual opportunism -- making a buck off those who are obese and female.

Sunday 27th June 2010 03:05:05 PM

If recent class actions Diet phentermine pill are any indication, users will need to bide their time in waiting for relief from manufacturers.

Monday 14th June 2010 04:56:52 PM

Diet pills have become a national craze in the US, and their use is growing Diet phentermine pill in Britain.

Wednesday 16th June 2010 11:37:56 PM

Dexfenfluramine, introduced in the UK in the 1980s, is half the molecule of fenfluramine, and was developed to retain the appetite-suppressant properties of the older drug but with fewer of its side-effects of dry mouth, dizziness and digestive problems.

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