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Sunday 27th June 2010 08:43:07 AM

And now, as lease after lease unravels, landlords and tenants both are facing the fallout from the gross miscalculations and misplaced ambitions that infected every aspect of the bubble economy.

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 02:16:47 PM

With a vacancy rate of less than 1 percent in the heart of SOMA -- a part of town get soma known as Multimedia Gulch -- they were happy to pay $68 a square foot, or nearly $1.

2 million a year.

Monday 21st June 2010 10:21:51 PM

Of course, Potrero Hill is finding there's a downside to transforming a neighborhood: As dotcoms discovered the relatively low-rent spaces, they've pushed out a number of artists and nonprofit companies.

Friday 11th June 2010 12:42:55 PM

Hot drink market by volume and 76 percent by value, according to the market research firm Euromonitor International.

Monday 28th June 2010 09:27:28 AM

We get soma want to deal as honestly as possible with it all.

--Martin Scorsese, on whether his proposed film about Alexander the Great, with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, would include Alexander's homosexuality, as quoted by Rush & Malloy in the Daily News.

Monday 28th June 2010 02:22:41 AM

And the title track sounds eerily similar to get soma early Travis track Good Feeling (though it swaps glam swagger for restrained bobbing).

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