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Wednesday 7th July 2010 08:33:21 PM

They really never wanted to take an honest look at ephedra, they just wanted to make sure it was removed from the market at any cost.

Monday 14th June 2010 03:21:59 PM

Complications from these adverse effects can result in strokes or heart irregularities that can ephedrine block for cattle cause cardiac arrest or death.

Saturday 26th June 2010 04:54:02 PM

Additionally, ephedrine use ephedrine block for cattle has been linked to heart attacks, high blood pressure, nerve damage, strokes, dizziness, seizures, and death.

Saturday 12th June 2010 02:06:13 PM

Are they really dangerous, or are they the magic key to ripped abs.

Monday 21st June 2010 03:42:43 AM

Ephedra is a stimulant containing the herbal ephedrine block for cattle form of ephedrine.

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 03:37:15 AM

According to the FDA, under this Act, the manufacturer of the dietary supplement is responsible for ensuring that it is safe before it is marketed to the public.

Wednesday 7th July 2010 02:50:11 AM

The labels clearly state that ephedrine block for cattle kids, pregnant women, those with high blood pressure, and some other medial conditions should not use them.

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